Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

May, 2023

5 zero drinks to sip this summer

Fortune, United States - Credit, Rachel King

Mocktails are no longer just fashionable, they have become the norm. Non -alcoholic drinks with null alcohol has revolutionized the drinking industry in recent years have revolutionized the drinks industry in recent years, attracting both sober and curious sober, as well as amateurs Cocktails that simply want an alcohol -free option from time to time. The boom in alcohol -free elixirs and wines has also prompted a large number of celebrities and major alcohol brands to embark on the adventure by launching or acquiring startups manufacturing mixers and independent alcohol drinks.

With the summer celebrations looming on the horizon, here are five non -alcoholic and inclusive drinks that are talked about and that you can sip safe throughout the season.

French Bloom

Few alcohol -free wines have approached the body, nose and palette offered by traditional wine (with a blood alcohol level of around 12 % and more). But the French Bloom, produced in the south of France, certainly gets closer and constitutes an ideal option for all those looking for a wine similar to rosé, but without alcohol. Its two cuvées (assemblies) are certified organic and vegan, contain neither sulfites nor conservatives and are not very caloric, without added sugars.

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