Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

December 2022

5 Tips for an Unforgettable holiday party from French Bloom Co-founder Constance Jablonski!

Whether it's for a end-of-year cocktail party with colleagues, a holiday dinner with friends or a convivial dinner with family, entertaining at home is an art! These privileged moments of sharing with those we love to strengthen the bonds and create new ones around the pleasures sharing together. However, the organization of these celebratory moments can quickly become a stress. From the arrival of the guests to the dessert served at the table, including the seating plan, nothing should be left to chance.

To ensure your soiree makes a lasting impression for months to come, we asked French Bloom co-founder Constance Jablonski for five tips for a successful dinner shared by all.

Tip No.1: Make a table seating to help people to connect with each other

To make a success of your seating plan, a little preparation is necessary. Don't hesitate to draw out your plan you arrange your guests' placement in the best way. To know who goes where, consider common interests to ensure that everyone can connect with their neighbor. And not to mention practicality, place yourself as close to the kitchen as possible to make it easier for you to get back and forth throughout the meal. You can also create decorative place cards make sure people know where to go, and you won’t be left on the spot, to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Tip No.2 : Be sure that everyone can enjoy fully this unique moment of celebration, with options for all! (alcohol and alcohol-free drinks of the same level, and and dietary restrictions of every guest).

For special occasions or intimate spontaneous get-to-togethers, the meal remains the centerpiece of many moments of conviviality. To make sure that every guests enjoys fully, the drinks that accompany the meal should be suitable for everyone. At French Bloom, we have just what you need! Our two organic, non-alcoholic sparkling wines, Le Blanc and Le Rosé, will ensure that your gathering is as festive as it is inclusive.

Tip No.3: Create a special playlist for the event

In order not to disturb the discussions between guests, we bet on ambiance music to put in the background. Ideally, you should plan a playlist of at least 3 hours to avoid having to play several songs in a loop. As for the selection of music, it all depends on the atmosphere you want to create for your dinner. If there is a particular theme as with the holidays, consider alternating it with music in the desired style.

Tip No.4: Between courses, break the ice with games like a Guess that Song or Secret Santa

To encourage exchanges between all your guests, games such as easy to play card games and or charades are perfect to make the atmosphere even more joyful. The ideal game should be funny, entertaining, and understood by all generations to be sure to create unforgettable common memories.

Tip No.5: Offer a little souvenir for everyone to take home such as a book, or a quote in a lovely notebook.

To conclude the end of the party, you can thank your guests for their presence with a gift that they will leave with. Thoughtful surprises, small useful accessories or personalized attentions, these presents will prolong the joy of the shared moments and engrave forever the memory of this celebratory evening.