Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

March, 2023

Coachella: Alcohol-free organic sparkling wines French Bloom comes to the famous festival Indio with The New Bar

From April 14 to 23, 2023, the Coachella festival will once again welcome thousands of people to the California desert. This 2023 edition promises once again unforgettable performances with one of the best music lineups in the world. Bad Bunny, Black Pink, Rosalía, Frank Ocean, Björk, Gorillaz and many other international artists will be present to ensure the show. This year, Coachella is planning to make its mark with a new feature: The New Bar, the first ever official non-alcoholic partner. This new kind of bar has selected the best of No/Lo, including French Bloom, as the non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

"We are thrilled that French Bloom will join The New Bar at Coachella this year! This means our Le Blanc and Le Rosé wines will be offered within the festival’s first-ever nonalcoholic partnership. French Bloom aims to revolutionize cultural gatherings and show that celebration can be both inclusive and limitless. It makes total sense for us to be on the bar at this globally-recognized festival which brings together hundreds-of-thousands of people to make connections and build community."-Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger

Alcohol-free organic sparkling wines French Bloom comes to the famous festival Indio with The New Bar

Created in 2022 in California, The New Bar was born from the desire to create a space for all those who wish to drink less without stopping having fun. The founders of this bar understood that by focusing on pleasure, it was easier to put alcohol aside. The New Bar therefore lists the best of non -alcoholic drinks on the market so that you can have fun without moderation.

Three months after his arrival in the United States, French Bloom was able to seduce the experts of The New Bar with its unique taste and its know-how of excellence. During their partnership with Coachella, The New Bar chose alcohol -free and organic bloom sparkling wines to be served at one of the most famous festivals in the world. French Bloom Le Blanc and Rosé will be sold by The New Bar at the Indio Central Market as well as in the VIP section. At the flute or in bottle, music lovers will be able to toast this incredible event without moderation. For those who would like an even more unique experience, French Bloom Le Blanc will be the basis of an alcohol -free Spritz cocktail.

Coachella offers an even more inclusive experience for all festival -goers with the alcohol -free bar of The New Bar

As every year, the best of music all styles will be there for Coachella's 2023 edition. Pop, rock, hip-hop, electro ... This festival brings together in the same place all musical genres to speak to everyone. If music is highly highlighted during these two April weekends, Coachella also wishes to highlight the richness of the differences and singularity of each in a benevolent environment. Several spaces have been devoted to PandC, LGBTQ+ communities and people with disability as well as a program dedicated to mental health. Coachella's desire is to create a community that celebrates and "empower" each.

Through this new alcohol -free bar initiative, the Californian festival takes one more step towards inclusiveness by taking into account the specificities so that everyone can take advantage of this unique experience.

"While the number of people who do not drink alcohol is growing from year to year, in particular with generation Z, we are delighted to continue the celebration with this programming of incredible artists and performances, with our sparkling wines Organic French alcohol."

Constance Jablonski, co-founder of French Bloom