Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

January, 22

Make Dry January a Success with the French Bloom x la Grande Epicerie de Paris Welllness morning

Privatized especially for the event, La Grande Épicerie de Paris opened its doors a few hours earlier to welcome the many curious people, who wanted to take part in the sound bath organized by French Bloom.

. Part of an event to kick off Dry January 2022 and to set guests up for a success, the French Bloom Wellness morning paired Sound Bath therapy, French Bloom tastings led by Co-Founder Constance Jablonski, and a healthy breakfast. Sound baths are therapeutic sessions and are reputed to provide a deep rejuvenation for those who practice it.

A nice way to start the new year and to celebrate everyone arrival of French Bloom in the very selective shelves of the legendary store of the 7th and 16th district of the capital.

Uma Gaia harmonizes the body and mind with a unique sound bath session

Olivia Panella a.k.a Uma Gaia is a New York City-based holistic therapist specializing in energy healing. For more than 15 years, she has been multiplying disciplines such as reiki, meditation, crystals, and sound therapy to purify and harmonize the chakras. Thus, the curious at La Grande Épicerie were able to participate in one of these great sound bath sessions in partnership with French Bloom.

A true immersion of the body through sound, the sound bath is a sensational exploratory experience that is perfect for the start of Dry January as it brings many benefits including:

• Soothe the mind through deep relaxation
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Act on physical and emotional fatigue

The lucky guests were able to enjoy this privileged experience throughout the morning. Afterwards, a healthy breakfast was offered by We are Juice with French Bloom tastings.

Take a refreshing break with French Bloom at La Grande Épicerie de Paris

This sound bath was also an opportunity to continue to celebrate the arrival of French Bloom to the prestigious shelves of the capital's must-have store. La Grande Épicerie de Paris is known throughout the world for its fine selection of both big-name products and very hard to find ones. The collection of alcohol-free and organic sparkling wines French Bloom Le Blanc and Le Rosé are standouts by their aromatic singularity, their mineral freshness, and their natural benefits. Find your favorite organic French Bubbly in the alcohol-free section of the Grande Épicerie de Paris.