Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

August 2023

How to taste alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom ?

Welcome to the dynamic universe of alcohol -free sparkling wine! Let's explore together what is the best drink to appreciate the delicious effervescence of the cuvées French Bloom, a first -quality alcohol -free alternative. So take your most beautiful flute and immerse yourself in a unique journey to meet this sparkling delight! The choice of good glassware can significantly enhance your tasting experience, whether it is a classic champagne or an alcohol -free alternative like French Bloom. Although there are several options, our quest for perfect glass to enhance the excitement of French Bloom led us to the elegant flute. You will discover here why.

An adventure in a flute with alcohol -free organic sparkling wine French Bloom

The flute, with its high and slender shape and its narrow edge, is the ideal glass to capture and preserve the fine and delicate bubbles of French Bloom. As the bubbles go up, they gather at the top, forming a bewitching effervescent spectacle. The narrowness of the opening allows you to best keep the bubbles, allowing you to appreciate their delicious dance at each sip. 

Beyond the visual appeal, the flute also improves the aromatic experience of French Bloom. Its elongated shape concentrates the aromas of wine, creating a more intense and more pleasant olfactory sensation. Delicate floral notes and fruity nuances of French Bloom are beautifully highlighted in a flute, making it possible to awaken your senses with each sip.

You can test it yourself thanks to our discovery box. It includes a bottle of white, a bottle of rosé and two engraved flutes French Bloom. It is the ideal way to taste our alcohol -free cuvées and taste them in perfect form flutes, specially designed to make the most of the tasting of the cuvées French Bloom.

A unique tasting experience with French Bloom

The design of the flute does not just capture the essence of French Bloom visually and aromatically. He also raises the overall tasting experience. Its elongated shape allows the wine to sink gently towards the tip of the tongue, accentuating the flavors and guaranteeing a delicious and balanced sip each time.

Also let's not forget the touch pleasure that the grip of a flute glass gives. Its slender foot allows it to be comfortably holding it without reheating the wine, keeping French Bloom Perfectly fresh. The elegance of the flute also adds a touch of sophistication to your consumption experience, which makes it a real pleasure.

In conclusion, when it comes to tasting the fine bubbles of enchanting alcohol -free sparkling wine French Bloom, the flute is queen. Its slender form, its captivating visual presentation and increased aromatic experience make it the choice of ideal glassware. So take your flute, wear a toast and let the excitement of French Bloom Transport you to a world of indulgence, while savoring the benefits of alcohol without alcohol!