Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

DRY JANUARY: 5 tips to prepare for a month alcohol-free

As a detox after a bit too festive of a holiday season, or as a good resolution for the new year, Dry January is the ideal challenge to set yourself up for a healthier lifestyle and year. This challenge consists of not consuming alcohol for the month of January. Originally started in England, Dry January is attracting more and more new participants every year, thanks to the many benefits it provides and how good people feel. Better sleep, weight loss, a more beautiful skin and even money savings, there is no question of the significant benefits of stopping alcohol consumption. If you are up for the challenge this year, we have put together a list of advice to prepare for a successful Dry January.

Discover our 5 tips to put all the chances on your side to take on Dry January.

Gradually reduce your alcohol consumption a few weeks before the Dry January

If you are a regular, heavy drinker, quitting suddenly may not be the best strategy for success in Dry January. Gradually reducing alcoholic beverages a few weeks before the beginning of January will increase your chances for success. You will be able to adapt smoothly to this new lifestyle and succeed in your challenge.

Between the holidays and New Year's Eve, the celebrations leading up to January can be a difficult time before the real Dry January challenge. Being aware of the amount of alcohol and the side effects are already important preparation elements to keep you motivated in your alcohol-free goal. One way to start to slowly reduce your alcohol consumption during the holidays is by replacing a cocktail during this time with a mocktail, like the Festive Fizz.

Stay away from any forms of temptation to succeed in your alcohol-free challenge

To maximize your chances of success for Dry January, sort through your cupboard so bottles are alcohol are less accessible. If you find it difficult to throw away some bottles, store them in hard-to-reach places like your cellar, attic or give them to a neighbor to hold on to temporarily.

Find an alcohol-free alternative to wine, champagne and other spirits like French Bloom

Non-alcoholic interpretations of cellar classics are true treasures of creativity and flavor that are taking over the shelves. The alcohol-free beverages available today are more than just an alternative to champagnes, wines and spirits. During Dry January, take the opportunity to open yourself to new tasting experiences in the world of zero-proof beverages, without forgetting to let your friends and family discover them. For your festive dinners, our Le Blanc or Le Rosé cuvées are the perfect organic alcohol-free sparkling wines to create unforgettable moments of celebration.

Track your progress during Dry January and reward yourself to stay motivated

In the form of a calendar, chart or notebook, use your imagination to make your progress visible. Checking-off each day, or journaling on the how good you are starting to feel, choose the form that motivates you the most to fulfill your 31 day challenge. As an added tip, consider creating a list of all the reasons why you want to achieve Dry January, so you don't lose sight of your goal. Don't forget to celebrate the milestones of your month with a reward to keep you motivated throughout the month. One of our favorite ways is through a bit of self-care, book a massage or a yoga class to feel even better.

Surround yourself with family, partners, co-workers or friends with the same goal of Dry January, to ensure you succeed.

Because we are stronger together, find someone or a group of people to support you in this lifestyle change. You can also follow accounts on social networks, like the one of French Bloom, which accompanies you every day to motivate you and give you new ideas to make this Dry January much more pleasant (and a lot of fun) than you think. Who knows, you might even get a taste for this new alcohol-free lifestyle?