Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

January, 2022

Dry January: the best soft drinks to try in January

Vogue, France - Credit, Jade Simon

Cheerful alternatives to the usual champagnes and other cocktails, here is our list of new non-alcoholic drinks to try during Dry January.

Known for its indisputable health benefits, dry january (or the idea of not drinking alcohol during the whole month of January to counteract the excesses of the holidays), is gaining more and more followers. This is a good thing when you consider that many new non-alcoholic beverages are being created. Less sweet than the usual juices and sodas, but just as festive, they are fun alternatives to drink this winter.

French Bloom

Without sulfates or sugar, the French Bloom is a sparkling drink made of dealcoholized wine, grape juice and lemon. Bottled in the South-West of France, it is available in White or Rosé version, in a Champagne 2.0 spirit.

Kin High Rhode

Led by Jen Batchelor, and recently Bella Hadid, Kin Euphorics is famous for its range of drinks made with GABA (a substance naturally present in the body with relaxing effects), tyrosine (which helps to manage stress) but also phenylethylamine and rhodiola rosea root, which could improve cognitive functions. And great news, the brand unveils a "euphoric" aperitif with plant and spicy notes to make cocktails with sparkling water, a touch of honey or a fruit juice of your choice.


Sparkling drink which includes 30mg of CBD, Naka seduces as much by its sweet notes as by its ingredients of natural origin between fruity and floral aromatic notes. A good ally therefore to relax in the evening, without drinking the slightest drop of alcohol.


Concentrated with organic ginger, lemon, herbs and spices, Gimber is one of those energy drinks without alcohol and not too sweet. To dilute in carbonated water or to accompany mint and other fruits of use for a more worked mocktail.

A non-alcoholic beer BRLO

A Berlin brewery that produces beers in an artisanal way, BRLO offers a non-alcoholic beer available at La Grande Epicerie. Made with different varieties of hops, it relies on fruity notes such as citrus, but also more vegetal notes such as grass or pine scents.


Gin and tonic lover? Ceder's is made for you. Made from aromatic plants (juniper, coriander, citrus, cederberg...), distilled separately, this alcohol-free drink is then diluted with spring water in Sweden. To marry with tonic, sparkling water, lemon or a slice of cucumber.


Rather than imitating an existing alcoholic product, this organic aperitif has a taste all of its own between the vegetable notes of southern plants and verjuice. How to drink it ? With tonic and a sprig of rosemary or orgeat syrup and elderflower soda.

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