Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

April, 2023

Should You Be Drinking Non-Alcoholic Wine?

Real Simple - Credit, Amanda Lauren

Is it really healthier than regular wine?

Is it really healthier than regular wine?

Non-alcoholic beverages, particularly non-alcoholic wines, are having a moment. From easy-to-find mainstays like Fre, to Wolffer’s Spring in a Bottle and the upscale French Bloom, having a glass of rosé or something bubbly without the booze isn't entirely out of the ordinary these days. After all, whether you’re sober, pregnant, or need to drive, there are many reasons to skip the booze.

Is Drinking Wine Healthy?

While the consensus for many years was that moderate drinking of red wine has some health benefits—it turns out the opposite is true. According to a recent article from The New York Times, drinking wine doesn’t have any health benefits.

The reason why many considered wine to be healthy is because it contains an antioxidant called resveratrol. Nutritionist and 4Q Method founder Allison Gross, MS, RDN, and CDN tells me non-alcoholic wine contains the same ingredient. However, wine certainly isn’t the only way to consume antioxidants. “One can achieve the same health benefits from antioxidants found in colorful fruits, vegetables, teas, and spices," Gross says.

“I wouldn’t say it’s ‘healthy’ to drink alcohol, but I do believe one can be healthy and still consume alcohol, in moderation," Gross says." The difference is nuanced but important. Healthy behaviors are ones that I encourage my clients to do daily, such as eating whole fruits and vegetables. Consuming alcohol is not something I encourage, but I don’t necessarily discourage it for clients either,” Gross explains.

Whether you have a hankering for a glass of pinot noir or something fun and frozen like a piña colada—it's okay for most people to indulge on occasion.

But if you’re giving up alcohol, don't replace it with non-alcoholic wine simply for the sake of health benefits. It's also important to remember that non-alcoholic wine, like regular wine, still contains sugar. So that might be important to keep in mind as you consume both types of beverages.

Still, a glass of non-alcoholic wine is a great alternative for those who want to partake in a toast without consuming alcohol. “I think having options for people trying to give up alcohol is great, so non-alcoholic wine can be a nice alternative for oenophiles looking to cut back on their alcohol intake,” Gross says.

What’s Healthier: a Mocktail or Non-Alcoholic Wine?

If you’re trying to avoid sugar or need to be on a low-sugar diet for specific reasons, know that mocktails—especially those you’ll find at restaurants or on fancy cocktail lists—don’t necessarily contain less sugar than non-alcoholic wine. “If my clients want a cocktail or mocktail, I tell my clients to get one and then switch to water (or if they’re drinking alcohol, a spirit without a sweet mixer). Sparkling water with a splash of citrus juice is a great option if you’re looking for something more exciting than plain water.”

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