Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

July 2023

French Bloom is now present in Erewhon stores in California!

Prepare to host the sparkling event of summer! The arrival of alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom In various Californian Erewhon stores (see the detailed list at the end of this article) aroused a wave of enthusiasm. Discover the perfect mixture of French crafts and biological benefits by tasting the enchanting flavors of rosé and white French Bloom. Prepare to party, because we take you on a real Californian trip through these delicious alcohol-free cuvées in the most popular organic stores in the United States.

Erewhon stores: the place where bubbles are dreaming

Erewhon stores have won their place as pioneers over the years by offering exceptional and diverse options for people concerned about their health. Emblematic destinations of Los Angeles, they are aimed at the most demanding taste buds and offer a wide range of biological products and specialties. To add to their appeal, Erewhon introduced sparkling wines without alcohol French Bloom In their carefully chosen selection, inviting customers to explore a new dimension of sparkling delights.

This collaboration combines Erewhon's unshakable engagement in favor of quality and sustainability to captivating bottles developed by French Bloom. The result is a perfect marriage for the modern epicurean - a fusion of healthy choice and sparkling fusion.

Now, epicureans concerned about their health can revel in alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom And satisfy their desires for effervescence without compromising their well-being. Whether it is toast during special moments or simply enjoying a delicious refreshment, Erewhon stores are now the privileged destination so that your sparkling dreams become reality.

Los Angeles: a paradise for the homeless home

Los Angeles is not unrelated to the growing trend of alcohol -free drinks. While the demand for healthier, but just as delicious alternatives continues to increase, the city of angels welcomed this open arm movement. The arrival of French Bloom In the 9 Erewhon stores of the County of Los Angeles testifies to the affinity of the region for conscience consumption. From animated streets of Beverly Hills to the quieter districts of Silver Lake, the availability of sparkling wines French Bloom promises to make every opportunity memorable, while favoring everyone's well-being. Whether you are organizing a Garden Party in Santa Monica or a picnic on Venice beach, alcohol-free sparkling wines French Bloom are the perfect allies for these unforgettable moments under the California sun.

The phenomenon French Bloom

French Bloom, the pioneer brand that causes premium alcohol -free bios wines, has found its way to the sunny shores of the County of Los Angeles. Developed with meticulous care, French Bloom presents the exquisite selection of organic cuvées without alcohol The rosé and the white which capture the essence of a summer celebration. These delicious wines are perfect for those looking for organic and vegan alternatives without compromising on taste. With French Bloom, you can savor the joy of toasting with your friends while letting yourself be tempted by the best alcohol -free products.

Prepare to enhance your summer celebrations with the arrival of alcohol-free sparkling wines French Bloom In the prestigious Erewhon stores in the County of Los Angeles. Raise your glass, wear a toast at the right times and let yourself be seduced by the effervescent magic of these enchanting creations. See you today in the nearest Erewhon store and embark on an unprecedented sparkling adventure.

Cheers !


The collection French Bloom East -applied in the 9 Erewhon stores in the County of Los Angeles:

Beverly Hills - Calabasas - Culver City - Grove - Palisades - Santa Monica - Silver Lake - Studio City - Venice

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