Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

October, 2022

French Bloom and Bonpoint join forces for the Babyshower of co-founder Constance Jablonski

To celebrate the arrival of our co-founder Constance Jablonski's first child, French Bloom partnered with Bonpoint to create an unforgettable moment.
Surrounded by her friends and family, the mother-to-be was able to enjoy those precious moments before the birth of her baby in an elegant setting filled with celebration and joy. Decorated with soft colors, sweet treats and baby gifts, nothing was left to chance to mark the
upcoming birth of Constance’s future baby!

Bonpoint and French Bloom go all out for a successful Babyshower

For an afternoon of celebration, Bon Point made available its boutique on Rue Tournon, in the elegant 6th arrondissement of the French capital. The latest collections of the children's fashion brand were on display in the store, immersing the guests in a childlike decor. For the festive side, French Bloom took over from the traditional champagne glasses with its two flagship products: French Bloom Le Rosé and French Bloom Le Blanc. These two ranges found their place perfectly in all the guests' hands and allowed the mother-to-be to fully enjoy her babyshower. Indeed, one of the founding ideas of French Bloom was to be adapted to pregnant women. It was during the pregnancy of our co-founder Maggie that the concept of French Bloom's organic and alcohol-free sparkling wines was born.

Two excellent French expertise in the service of a sophisticated Art of Living

While French Bloom's philosophy is to celerbate the present moment, Bonpoint's philosophy is to make happiness an everyday art of living. Together, the two brands were able to showcase their excellent “savoir-faire”in an exceptional and intimate setting. The two French brands were the perfect partners to create a memorable baby shower around shared values: the creation of memories, family sharing, the demand for beauty and attention to detail. Every aspect of this baby shower were meticulously thought through so that everyone could celebrate the arrival of the baby together. Mission accomplished!