Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

July 2023

French Bloom Go to the Hamptons for the summer!

The collection of alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom Arrives on the sunny beaches of Hamptons with an exceptional event program, transforming this summer into a sparkling journey of celebration and well-being. The whole world today adopts thoughtful choices and French Bloom, known for its exquisite alcohol -free sparkling wines, is found at the heart of these choices and organizes a series of exciting events all summer in Hamptons, New York State. From chic evenings to Parrish Art Museum with dream brunches with surf lodge, French Bloom did not leave anything to chance to create a summer program that promises an unforgettable experience. Let us dive into the enchanting events that took place and will continue throughout the summer, designed to tickle the senses and the taste buds.

A merger of elegance at Parrish Art Museum and the Montauk Yacht Club Dream Weekend

Saturday July 15 marked a thrilling start to Parrish Art Museum, with alcohol -free sparkling wines The rosé and white French Bloom present at the Midsummer Gala. The ethereal atmosphere of the museum was able to bring an artistic touch to the event, creating an exquisite fusion between art and taste. The guests were captivated by the aromatic symphony emanating from the glass and gathered from the fascinating flavors of the organic cuvées and vegan French Bloom.

The celebration continued during the Montauk Yacht Club Dream Weekend, during the Memorial Day, where French Bloom Associated with the prestigious club to offer an unforgettable experience in pleasure navigation. The azure waters have completed the excitement of alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom, transforming the weekend into a dream nautical adventure. In the midst of the effusions of laughter and animated conversations, the participants took part in delicious tastings, while immersing themselves from the coastal charm for which the Hamptons became a prized place.

Coastal happiness in Lodge surf

In the midst of sunny shores and salty breeze, surfing lodge is ready for a seaside event combining relaxation and celebration. French Bloom, known for creating authentic experiences, will organize delicious surprises truffled for two days. The guests will come together to celebrate the joy of being together, the sound of the waves will mix with laughter and the incomparable "Pop!" »Champagne caps. Alcohol -free cuvées French Bloom will be present on the menu throughout the summer at Surf Lodge. So don't waste time and embark on this wonderful alcohol -free journey!


Wellness vector with Barry's Bootcamp X Drizly

As an ambassador of a holistic approach to well-being, French Bloom Combines itself with Barry's Bootcamp and Drizly to offer a fusion between fitness and healthy taste pleasures. The event started with an invigorating training session led by Barry's Bootcamp, which allowed the guests to recharge their bodies and their minds. After a training session filled with soothing waves, French Bloom was able to delight participants with a particularly appreciated tasting session. The event thus shows that kissing well-being does not mean making compromises on taste and that sparkling wines without alcohol French Bloom continue to redefine the art of celebration.

With the summer sun that sets on the Hamptons, alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom were able to create unforgettable moments of rich celebrations and experiences. From the artistic atmosphere of Parrish Art Museum to the coastal charm of Surf Lodge, each event has highlighted and will continue to highlight the essence of joy and celebration. French Bloom has become a benchmark for choice for all those looking for authentic and alcohol -free pleasure. Let us raise our glasses to this summer of joy, well-being and unforgettable memories!