Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?


Frieze 2022 : Annabel's Adds French Bloom to its wine and champagne list at ES DELVIN opening

On occasion of Frieze London 2022, the famed international art fair, French Bloom partnered with Annabel’s to welcome club members
and guests for a unique experience. ES DELVIN, a British contemporary artist,
unveiled her new sculpture “Redraw the edges of yourself”.

You can view the artist’s work through October 14 in the lobby, while enjoying your favorite organic, alcohol-free sparkling wines:
French Bloom Blanc and French Bloom Rosé.

French Bloom delights palates at artist ES DELVIN's breakfast at Annabel's

Commissioned by Annabel’s, the private club in Mayfair, Es Devlin’s massive light sculpture represents 243 hand-drawn endangered species found in London, and is part of Annabel's for the Amazon initiative.

Guests learned more about the artist's creative process during a presentation by Es Devlin, Bettina Korek,, Chief Executive Officer, of the Serpentine and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine.

The lecture took the form of a sophisticated breakfast in Annabel’s bar, where French Bloom amazed guests with its interpretation of a complex and elevated Blanc and Rosé sparkling wine, this time without alcohol.

“I made this work as an expression of a sensation I began to feel at the edges of my hand as I made observational drawings of 243 of London’s most endangered birds, bats, fish, fungi, plants, amphibians, and mammals. While drawing I began to feel the resonance between the distribution of cells and arteries in my hand with that of the fish scales, leaf veins, and bird feathers of my more-than-human neighbours. I felt a new porosity between my form and theirs, an extension of the idea of self, beyond the perimeter of my skin and through the greater network of the biosphere that sustains all human and other-than-human life."


The Birley Clubs choose 0.0% Alcohol organic french bubbly French Bloom to create unforgettable moments of togetherness

Sharing common values of excellence, conviviality, creativity and fun, The Birley Clubs and French Bloom are partnering to celebrate the art of living well.

wine and champagne lists at Annabel's have been expanded to finally include a non-alcoholic French Bubbly, with French Bloom Blanc and French Bloom Rosé.

You can now sip your glass of alcohol-free French sparkling at Annabel’s and enjoy the glamorous and unique settings during those unforgettable London nights.