Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

December 2023

The sparkling arrival of French Bloom In Bongénie stores to celebrate the end of year celebrations without compromise!

While customers explore the Bongénie store in Lausanne, the pop-up French Bloom Autile their curiosity by revealing an overview of what festivities gathering everyone could be around the same table. Ephemeral space French Bloom reveals the whole collection of non -alcoholic sparkling wines, French Bloom White and rosé. A universe of effervescent delight, where visitors can dive into the essence of the celebration.

Live a unique experience with festive pop-ups French Bloom In Bongénie stores in Lausanne and Geneva.

With French Bloom, December in Bongénie stores in Switzerland will be punctuated by a symphony of tastes and flavors.

Come and discover our pop-up French Bloom Located on the ground floor in Bongénie in Lausanne until December 15. It may be an opportunity to find the bottle of sparkling wine without alcohol that will sits in the center of your table for the holidays or the perfect gift for a loved one. 

Take a break in the middle of the excitement of Christmas shopping on Thursday, December 14 at the Bongénie de Genève by discovering the range of non-alcoholic organic sparkling wines French Bloom During a free tasting which will take place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Savor the varied offer of French Bloom by tasting French Bloom White or rosé. What better way to conclude a shopping trip for the holiday season than a flute French Bloom !

Discover the Baby-Bloom box: the essential gift for successful end of year celebrations

Discover exclusively at the Bongénie de Genève store, the Baby Bloom box of French Bloom, the perfect gift to celebrate the holiday season with elegance. For followers of small formats, the Baby Bloom box offers twice as much pleasure with two half-bottles-the white and the rosé-. This pleasure setting offers you the possibility of adding a personal touch by writing a word for the person of your choice. A delicate way to make each box as unique as the attentive gesture it contains.

With French Bloom celebrate the holiday season with elegance

Raise each of your celebrations with French Bloom, a real ode to timeless elegance. Let yourself be tempted by our cuvée French Bloom White, lively and tangy or French Bloom The rosé, rich in minerals.

Come and visit us at Bongénie in Lausanne and Geneva to experience a complete immersion in the world of French Bloom : a festive, sparkling and inclusive experience! As the festivities approach, take advantage of a suspended moment to discover the know-how and the benefits of sparkling wines without alcohol French Bloom.  

Useful information

Discover the Pop French-Bloom at Bongénie de Lausanne until December 15, 2023.

Go to the Bongénie store in Lausanne
Pl. Saint-François 10, 1003 Lausanne

Attend an exclusive tasting on Thursday December 14 at the Bongénie de Genève from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Go to the Bongénie store in Geneva
Rue du Marché 34, 1204 Geneva