Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

August 2023

The wedding season is eternal with alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom

While the end of August is approaching, many people think that the wedding season is also coming to an end, but in reality, the spirit of celebration is timeless. Love does not know a season, and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate joy and happiness. Whether you are the bride, the groom or a fulfilled guest, the celebrations require something special to wear a toast. This is where intervenes French Bloom and its exquisites cuvées of sparkling wines without alcohol the white and the rosé. Let's take on a delicious journey and explore how this unique and biological creation can accompany a season of eternal weddings!

Celebrate love and well-being with French Bloom

The wedding day is a privileged moment when love is celebrated in all its splendor. As more and more couples adopt well-being and a conscious lifestyle, it is normal that they are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. The cuvées of sparkling organic and vegan wines French Bloom are at the forefront of this new lifestyle, offering a delicious range of alcohol-free sparkling wines filling all the guests.

Whether your heart is on white or rosé, there is something undeniably elegant to raise a glass from the collection of sparkling wines without alcohol French Bloom. White exses sophistication with its delicate and fruity bouquet, recalling a flowery romance, while the rosé seduced by its fresh and crisp notes, similar to those of a perfect summer day. These two alcohol -free sparkling cuvées are elaborate with precision, capturing the essence of a real celebration with each sip.

French Bloom : a symphony of tasting experiences

Imagine this: a charming vineyard, friends and family members combined, bursts of laughter on all sides, glasses that collide as a sign of celebration and, to top it all, French Bloom Offering you, to you and your guests, an enchanting tasting adventure that will leave an eternal impression on your palace and in your heart.


But what really distinguishes this tasting experience is the freedom to have fun with all serenity. The guests can savor each sip without worrying about the alcohol content, which guarantees that everyone feels included in the party. Alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom offer an experience that unites everyone in happiness, love and appreciation of the best things in life.

Celebrate your marriage in all conscience

While the world is becoming more and more aware of environmental and ethical concerns, couples and guests are looking for products that line up on their values. French Bloom is a brand that proudly checks all the boxes, with its sparkling wines without alcohol certified organic and vegans. Each glass of white or rosé not only brings joy, but also contributes to a lasting future for our planet.


In addition, this brand founded by women is proud to promote inclusive and festive events and campaign worldwide to change our way of considering celebrations. 


While the month of August is coming to an end, we remember that there is no specific time to party. Love, happiness and joy are timeless, and every moment can be a reason to wear a toast at the beautiful moments of life. 


The cuvées the white and the rosé of French Bloom Are more than simple sparkling wines without alcohol: they embody the essence of celebration, bringing elegance and pleasure to each marriage and event. So, whether in summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, drink a glass of alcohol -free sparkling wine French Bloom And let the festivities beat their full with love, laughter and good conscience. Long live the joyful celebrations that do not know a season!