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Are you at the right place ?

March, 2023

The best wines without alcohol to try right now

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If you are curious about sobriety, here are the best brands to buy according to wine experts.

From dry January to pregnancy through religious beliefs, there are many reasons to choose an alcohol -free drink. If you appreciate the taste of wine but you want to avoid alcohol, the thirst wine is a great option. "It is not because you do not drink, whatever the reason, that you cannot enjoy a meal accompanied by a delicious drink," explains Ricardo Zarate, sommelier and director of operations for Valentina , a restaurant in San Diego, California.

The tendency of alcohol -free wines has boomed in recent years, allowing consumers to reduce their alcohol consumption while enjoying the unique flavors and qualities of wine. "The category has evolved a lot in the past five years, as well as the categories of alcohol beer and spirits," explains Paul Zahn, cocktail expert. "Na wines are an excellent choice when you don't want to drink but you want to have an elegant glass of wine with something tasty inside.

We did research and questioned experts to find the most tasty alcohol wines, so that you can find the perfect option to respond to your preferences, including red, whites, rosés and na bubbles. Whatever the reason you want to reduce your alcohol consumption, these choices are an excellent starting point.

Best alcohol -free Cabernet

1- Ariel Vin Cabernet Sauvignon without alcohol

Best seller on Amazon, Cabernet Sauvignon d'Ariel is a wine na aged in oak barrels and rich in flavors. His aromas of blackcurrant, cherry, blueberry and chocolate make it the ideal companion of dishes such as Chile, Pizza, Carne Asada, etc.

Better Alcohol Frozen Wine

2- French Bloom White Wine Frove without alcohol

Named best alcohol -free sparkling wine in World Sparkling Wine Awards in 2022, this drink is developed from Chardonnay grapes from the south of France. Each soft and refreshing sip is filled with aromas of fruit and spice notes. It is ideal for accompanying seafood.

Best Pinot Noir without alcohol

3- Surely non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir without alcohol

Available in several varieties, Mr. Zarate recommends to all those who wish to start drinking wines without alcohol to take a look at the brand Surely. Developed from first quality grapes from Californian vineyards, Pinot Noir de Surely is fruity, balanced and rich and perfectly accompanies beef, cheese, chicken and lamb.

Best alcohol -free wine with a low calorie content

4- Sovi Red Reserve without alcohol

Founded by an ancient sommelier, this brand of alcohol -free wine belonging to a woman is developed from grapes cultivated in a lasting way in Californian vineyards and contains only 12 calories per portion of five ounces. Using traditional vinification methods, Sovi fans say that flavor, texture and balance correspond to what is found in a glass of traditional wine, but with only a few traces of alcohol.

Best alcohol -free sparkling rosé

5- Freixenet rosé sparkling alcohol

If you are looking for something sparkling to celebrate the event, try a bottle of the world's leading world producer. Perfect alone or in a refreshing mocktail, this spanish spanish wine in a drink is fruity. Available in two versions, the sparkling rosé has notes of wild berries and tropical fruits, while sparkling white is a mixture of tropical flavors and citrus.

The best alternative to sparkling rosé wine

6- GRUVI - Pin -sparkling rosé without alcohol

You will want to sip rosé all day with this fruity drink without gluten and alcohol. With its acid green apple notes and fresh strawberries, this pale pink drink contains only 60 calories per bottle.

Best cocktail base

7- Stella Rosa Naturals Noir without alcohol

If you know the Stella Rosa brand, you know it is popular for a good reason. And just like its alcoholic options, the brand's wine alternatives are also very talked about.

"Stella Rosa natural products are perfect for replacing your favorite sparkling wine bottle," said Zahn. "Stella Rosa offers a wide variety of aromas, such as fishing and rosé, so that you can sip them or mix them in an alcohol -free Spritz. They are made in Italy and entirely natural, so I like them as Option of na wine high. "

Best alternative to caffeine -based wine

8- Three Spark Blurred Three Spark wines

Are you looking for an alcohol -free wine that can give you a little pep? Three Spirit's Spark collection may be exactly what you're looking for.

"This wine contains a touch of natural caffeine thanks to green tea and theanine," explains Mr. Zahn. "It also contains biotin, which would be beneficial to the growth of hair and nails - and you will not wake up with a violent headache due to the hangover!"

Best alcohol -free Chardonnay

9- Free alcohol-free Chardonnay

Crunchy and tangy, this alcohol -free white wine is harvested from Californian vineyard grapes and has notes of tropical fruit.

Best sparkling alcohol -free Chardonnay

10- Thomson & Scott Noughty Chardonnay sparkling

Low in sugar, this organic sparkling Chardonnay contains only 14 calories per glass, making it the ideal means of celebrating the event without a wooden mouth.

The best alternative to champagne

11- Töst sparkling completely natural alcohol

Available in two alcohol -free flavors, Töst is a sparkling alternative that you may want to drink every day. Made with agave for a sweet touch, each bottle - depending on the variety chosen - contains only 10 or 11 grams of sugar and 40 or 45 calories.

Better alcohol -free wine with a low sugar content

12- Sparkling rosé wine without alcohol Pierre Chavin Pearl

Developed in France from a mixture of Chardonnay grapes, this drink is perfect for any special occasion. Of a pale pink color and a pink petal aroma, its perfectly balanced flavors offer sweet freshness that it is difficult to forget.

Better alcohol -free wine with a low sugar content

13- Jøyus sparkling wine

Perfectly balanced, this sparkling wine will refresh you from the first sip. With its aromas of flowers and pears and its notes of green apples and ripe melon, this drinking with low sugar content contains only 30 calories per portion.

Best dry white wine without alcohol

14- Princess Alternativa Bianco Dry White Wine Disiancoolized without alcohol

Produced in Italy according to traditional vinification methods, this dry white wine offers rich floral aromas and notes of cut grass and honey.

Best white alcohol mixture

15- leitz x white drink without alcohol

This bright white mixture with notes of honey, mackerel, lemon and citrus currants as well as aromatic herbs will give you the impression of drinking a real wine.

Is alcohol-free wine really without alcohol?

Most "dealcoholized" wines still contain traces of alcohol. The FDA only authorizes the use of these terms for products whose alcohol content does not exceed 0.5 %. According to FDA rules, the mention "alcohol -free" can only be used for drinks whose alcohol content is 0 %.

It should be noted that unlike quenchoolized wines, which are first standard alcoholic wines and which then undergo an alcohol elimination process, "wine substitutes" are made from a mixture of ingredients , such as tea or kombucha, intended to imitate the taste of wine.

Is alcohol-free wine good for health?

For people who avoid alcohol for health reasons, alcohol -free wine can be an excellent option. Some people cannot metabolize alcohol or have food restrictions that prevent them from consuming alcohol, due to certain drugs or health restrictions. In these cases, alcohol -free wine is certainly a more suitable choice than alcohol. In addition, it is generally less caloric than "normal" wine.

If you suffer from a disease that forces you to avoid any amount of alcohol, even minimal, you should first consult your doctor before drinking a na wine or a wine substitute.

Does alcohol-free wine have the same taste as real wine?

Some alcohol -free wines can approach the flavor and texture of wine, but they are difficult to find. There is always a difference between the texture and the balance of alcohol -free wines and alcoholic wines.

What is the lifespan of an alcohol -free wine?

Unlike alcoholic wines, alcohol -free wines have a much shorter shelf life when open. This duration is generally only one to two years. However, once opened, the experts with whom we spoke recommended to consume alcohol -free wine within four or five days.

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