Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

June 2023

Effervescent wines without organic alcohol French Bloom flourish in Switzerland

The famous Luxury Supervisors in Switzerland are about to attend a delicious revolution in the world of alcohol -free drinks with the arrival of organic sparkling wine without alcohol French Bloom. Renowned for its special taste experience and its innovative approach, French Bloom is ready to captivate Swiss customers with its range of alcohol -free refreshing drinks. As part of a sparkling collaboration, French Bloom Associated with Globus, one of the most prestigious luxury stores in Switzerland, to present this revolutionary drink its demanding customers.

Prepare to celebrate throughout the summer with French Bloom At Globus!

French Bloom : Exceptional know-how in alcohol-free sparkling wine

Master in the art of developing an organic sparkling wine without alcohol, French Bloom provides sophisticated sensory experience. Inspired by traditional vinification techniques, French Bloom Mettlely produces elegant and tasty organic drinks that even delight the most demanding palates. Each bottle of French Bloom is carefully developed from first quality organic grapes from the best organic vineyards in Languedoc. Then, the wine is mixed with natural and organic ingredients such as lemon, flowers or even fruit to obtain a vibrant and effervescent drink which reflects the essence of the best sparkling wine.

Although without alcohol, French Bloom remains faithful to the sophisticated nature of its alcoholic counterparts. Thanks to a particular attention paid to quality, French Bloom offers a range of profiles of flavors of the bite of fruits to fruits. Whether you prefer white or rosé, French Bloom has sparkling wines without organic alcohol to satisfy everyone's preferences.

Globus chosen French Bloom, organic sparkling wine without alcohol, to widen its selection of superior quality products

Luxury department stores and wine enthusiasts are looking forward to the arrival of French Bloom at Globus. Globus represents the ideal partner to present Swiss customers the exquisite flavors of alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom. This collaboration not only reflects the growing demand for alcohol -free options, but also underlines Globus’s commitment to offer exceptional choices to its demanding customers.

Tastings in Gogo: French Bloom Takes Globus

To celebrate this launch, French Bloom has planned a series of exclusive tastings throughout the summer in several Globus department stores in Switzerland. These tastings will be an opportunity for customers to discover the delicious cuvées of French Bloom And to know their favorite organic cuvée.

The festivities will start on Friday 2 until Saturday June 3 at the Globus de Lausanne store (rue du Pont 5, 1003 Lausanne) in the space "Wines and delicatessen". From 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the world of French Bloom, tasting the varied range of alcohol -free sparkling wines offered.

Throughout the summer, French Bloom Continue its tastings in other Globus points of sale, allowing lovers to discover the captivating range of their organic sparkling wines without alcohol.

Stay listening to know the dates and places of the next tastings, because French Bloom Consider spreading his effervescent joy throughout Switzerland.