Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

July 2023

The official Arabia talks with Maggie Frerejean-Asttinger and Constance Jablonski, founders of French Bloom.

The Official Arabia - Credit, Frank Pena

Fruit of the work of longtime friends, Constance Jablonski and Maggie Frerejean-Aittinger, French Bloom was born from the idea that celebrations should not be accompanied by a possibility of exclusion, but should on the contrary raise social encounters and ensure that everyone feels included. Launched in the Middle East at the end of 2022, French Bloom Quickly managed to create a new category and position itself as a market leader in the super premium sparkling wines at 0.0 % alcohol.

After meeting in New York, Maggie and Constance developed a close friendship due to their similar journeys in terms of well-being. Constance, top-model with a frantic rhythm of life, tried to find a balance between the physical perfection required by industry and a social life which allowed it to establish important relationships and links for its mental well-being. Maggie, responsible for the international development of the Michelin guide, lived his pregnancy and found that there was no alternative adapted to pregnant women with sparkling wine which she usually associated with exquisite dishes when she dined with her friends and her family. The experiences of these two women gave them the impression that there was no way to maintain the spiritual well-being that contact with other people, without sacrificing their physical health.

We spoke with these pioneering women to dive into the world of French Bloom.

Frank Pena: What have been the reasons that have catapulted the success of non -alcoholic drinks in recent years?

Maggie : There is no doubt that the world is changing. Around the world, alcohol consumption is declining, young people being the first concerned. Each new generation sees its average alcohol consumption decrease, which raises the obvious question of knowing what has changed. The answer is that people's attitude towards alcohol and excessive alcohol consumption has evolved over time.

This is explained by several factors, the first being awareness that health is new wealth. The movement in favor of well-being (physical exercise, mental health, vegetarianism, etc.), as well as the emphasis on holistic approaches that have gained ground in the last decade and in which generation Z has grown , have led consumers to make healthier and more thoughtful decisions. Secondly, COVID's pandemic accelerated the change of state of mind. We suddenly realize that without our health, life can literally stop. Many people, including myself, took advantage of the first closures, when home work ended and the evening started, to lift a drink or two on occasion (with alcohol this time). And it has happened that many of us simply do not feel in their best and start to consider a more moderate lifestyle.

Finally, we insist more on the fact that people who choose not to drink are victims of discrimination in many regions of the world. It is no longer acceptable not to offer non-droops comparable to wine and champagne when they attend corporate events, shop in luxury stores or dine in gourmet restaurants.

"Having social circles is essential for your well-being".

Constance Jablonski

FP: What brought you, Maggie and you, to create French Bloom ?

Consistency : As a model, I had trouble managing the social aspect of my career: I worked for long days, I was traveling regularly and I gathered every night to make networking and letting go with my friends. Being in the fashion world means having close links with the creatives around you, and creating links is always associated with the sharing of a glass of alcohol. Maggie, a longtime friend, fell pregnant with twins while working in the Michelin guide. She suddenly felt excluded from social meetings, not being invited to drink with us, and did not know what to associate during her starry experiences. We were simply not satisfied with the other alcohol -free sparkling options and we undertook to create a balanced and refined sparkling wine, with 0.0 % alcohol.

We have decided to create a product that would raise the moment for everyone and allow everyone to sit at the same table and celebrate as they see fit, whatever the occasion. We open the circle.

FP: What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a business or brand with a close friend?

Consistency : I think it is important to find a partner that shares the same work ethics. Even if Maggie grew up in the United States and I in France, we both spent our professional career between Paris and New York, which allows us to have a multicultural vision of everything we do. Communication is essential; The fact that Maggie and I knew so well is wonderful, because we can play one on the other and capture some of the non -verbal signals that we both have. We also know our respective strengths, which allows us to adapt quickly. We are also very different, which brings a diversity of thoughts and improves the process thanks to different points of view.

Having common ambitions has also helped us a lot when we started working with the brand and allowed us to create a solid strategic plan for the company. Overall, working in close collaboration with a close friend like Maggie had a positive impact on our personal and professional lives, and we have more instinctive confidence towards each other. Find the friend you can communicate with, and when I say "really", it must be someone you are not afraid to say something when things are not doing well.

FP: What impact do you want to see in terms of health and well-being if people adopt non-alcoholic drinks as part of their celebrations?

Consistency : The most important impact is to allow people to take full advantage of their social relationships after and during work. Having a social circle is essential to your well-being, and one of the missions of French Bloom is to redefine the codes of socialization and celebrations so that you can finally be surrounded by those you love without sacrificing your health or compromise on any occasion.

FP: Given the diversified and multicultural environment of the United Arab Emirates, which has most prompted you to launch French Bloom In the region ?

Maggie : The United Arab Emirates were a natural market for French Bloom, because we have observed the phenomenal transformation of their hotel scene in the last decade. Celebrated for their rich story and their warm hospitality, I am regularly inspired by innovation, diversity and creativity of the culinary scene and the high -end events industry of the United Arab Emirates.

I couldn't imagine a better place to French Bloom, and since our arrival in January 2023, we were warmly welcomed. We have incredible partners, hotels, hotels and luxury brands that adopted very early French Bloom And who defend our brand in the region, notably Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, The Bvlgari Hotel, Sls Dubai, Boca, Dibba Bay, St. Regis and many others.

"Our mission is to redefine the codes of socialization and party so that you can finally be surrounded by those you love and celebrations so that you can finally be surrounded by those you love without sacrificing your health or compromising on any occasion ".

Constance Jablonski

FP: we can say that French Bloom has created and developed the super-premium category of alcohol-free sparkling drinks and that it has become the market leader, since it is available in more than 20 countries. How do you explain this success in such a short time?

Maggie : After years of research and development, we launched our first organic sparkling wines without alcohol in October 2021 and, although French Bloom It is still only in its infancy, the request made it possible to market the product in 21 countries in less than 18 months.

I explain the reception reserved for French Bloom by two factors. First, the product, which was recently selected as "The World's Best" by the famous World Sparkling Wines Awards, is of the highest quality. We rely on secular French know-how in terms of foaming wines and associating innovation to create a 0.0 % alcohol sparkling wine, well balanced and with aromatic architecture high.

Furthermore, French Bloom was born from the observation that there is a vacuum on the market of elegant, alcohol and superior quality products. We have undertaken to create alcohol -free wines that promote sophisticated and inclusive celebrations and we have thought about the concept, taste, narration and all the experience around the brand.

Our community around French Bloom is what distinguishes us, because our customers engaged in the whole world come together to say that it is no longer acceptable not to have options to the test of time at the same level and to the same experience as wines fine and champagnes for those who choose not to drink. It is no longer acceptable not to offer elegant and festive options for everyone present, whether in restaurants, corporate events, luxury stores, varnishes, etc. And that's exactly what does French Bloom. We offer a sparkling French organic, Halal certified and the test of time that everyone can applaud.

FP: French Bloom The aim of raising and making everyone feels included in each celebration. As a hottess, what is a big party or a big gathering?

Consistency : For me, a big party is when people are new and have fantastic conversations, and you can only enjoy these situations if you feel completely comfortable with yourself and with the environment. Offering non -alcoholic drinks during parties and rallies allows everyone to choose and gives everyone the freedom to have fun together without being tried for their choices.

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