Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Non-alcoholic drinks: how about celebrating the New Year without moderation?

The countdown to 2023 is on. What about opting for alcohol-free drinks to celebrate the transition to this new year and start it on the right foot? Forget champagne, wines and spirits in favor of a healthier but equally festive approach with alcohol-free beverages. With our alcohol-free organic French Bloom sparkling wines, bringing together all your loved ones without exception to celebrate a truly memorable New Year's Eve, without any regrets. Made from organic French wine, our zero-alcohol sparkling wines are suitable for everyone including pregnant women. Discover our two French Bloom cuvées,Le Blanc and Le Rosé to end the year in style! !

Toast without moderation to the new year with Le Blanc alcohol-free sparkling wine

One year ends as another begins. To celebrate this new cycle, share a flute of French Bloom Le Blanc with your loved ones. Its freshness and mineral notes
are a real invitation for sharing. The pear aromas of Chardonnay, at the base of its aromatic composition, as well as the tropical notes of citrus fruits, granny smith apples and white flowers will delight the palates of your most gourmet guests. To fully enjoy the flavors of French Bloom Le Blanc, it should ideally be served very cold, in a flute, and shared in excellent company.

Raise your glass to past and future happiness with Le Rosé alcohol-free sparkling wine

Start the new year by wishing the best to your loved ones with a glass of French Le Rosé. Between mineral freshness and floral aromatic notes, our alcohol-free and organic sparkling wine makes all the flavors of your feast sparkle. The natural delicacy of rose petals meets the complexity of freshly picked red fruits to offer a perfect balance on the palate. French Bloom Le Rosé perfectly embodies the alcohol-free drink of moments of shared pleasure. For an ideal service, serve French Bloom Le Rosé very chilled surrounded by those you love.

Fill up on flavors with alcohol-free cocktails based on French Bloom 0.0% sparkling wine

Fine bubbles, refined fruit accords, spicy notes, alcohol-free cocktails take their place in the hands of your guests for their greatest pleasure. Each of your loved ones will enjoy the party atmosphere with a mix of flavors, without consuming a single drop of alcohol. Rather sweet, fruity or of course bitter, the mockatil recipes designed by French Bloom are ideal to accompany your festive dinners. Discover all of our delicious Conscious Cocktail recipes now!