Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

1st December 2022 - 31st January, 2023

Immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays with French Bloom at Selfridges

Sparkling street lights, magical store windows, mugs of hot chocolate, and the search for the perfect gift for your loved ones: the holiday season is well on its way. To celebrate the holiday spirit, Selfridges & Co has selected French Bloom’s Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wines to encourage inviting and elegant happenings this celebration season.

Throughout the month of December, take a break from your shopping hustle and bustle, and come (re-)discover French Bloom Le Blanc and Le Rosé with tastings every Thursday through Sunday at Selfridges London on Oxford Street.

French Bloom’s alcohol-free sparkling wines enchant the holiday season at Selfridges

This year, French Bloom has been invited by Selfridges to kick off the festivities of this magical season. Voted best department store in the world, Selfridges offers a selection of the greatest in fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle brands. It's a must visit for your end-of-year shopping, to ensure you get it right, from the setting of your sophisticated table to the precious ribbons tied around your gifts.

Selected by the prestigious English department store, French Bloom is the preferred alcohol-free drink to create a festive and inviting atmosphere to celebrate the end of the year together. Selfridges is renowned as an early adopterwhen it comes to important consumption shifts, and has chosen French Bloom this holiday to promote celebrating elegantly and differently. To find the most suitable Cuveés for an exceptional holiday this year, complimentary tastings will take place throughout the month of December every Thursday to Sunday from 12pm.

Goodbye champagne, make way for French Bloom alcohol-free sparkling to enchant your holiday gatherings

Celebrate without limitations this year with French Bloom's low-calorie, alcohol-free sparkling wines. Our French Bloom Le Blanc and Le Rosé cuvées have five times less the calories than a glass of wine or champagne, and are organic, vegan and sulfite. Elevate all of your holiday get-togethers this year, thanks to French Bloom’s fine bubbles and delicate and balanced flavors. From the first non-alcoholic cocktail to the last toast of dinner, French Bloom's alcohol-free will bring together closer all your for moments of pleasure and celebration shared with all.

Practical information

Selfridges London

400 Oxford St, London

W1A 1AB, United Kingdom

Lower Ground Floor- The Wine Shop