Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

August 2023

For French Bloom, it's harvest time

In the region bathed in Sun from Languedoc while August arrives at its peak, an ancestral tradition begins: the harvest. In the middle of the picturesque vineyards, the grapes of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are delicately picked by hand to produce the exquisite sparkling wines without alcohol of the house French Bloom, to later become the famous cuvées white and rosé. Embark with us on a fanciful journey, celebrating the art of harvesting, the inheritance of wine-growing know-how and the attentive attraction of biological and vegan creations of French Bloom. Join us to wear a toast to tradition, well-being and riches of the south of France, all clogged into the excitement of French Bloom. Cheers !

The end of August in Languedoc rhymes with harvest time

While the month of August will crescendo, the picturesque region of Languedoc comes alive with a symphony of harvesting activities. This enchanting period marks not only the end of the summer, but especially the start of traditional harvesting, the essential step in the creation of exquisite sparkling wines without alcohol French Bloom. Discover this fascinating world of tradition, know-how and magic of the harvest.

It is at the heart of Languedoc, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees, that the essence of French Bloom And its famous cuvées white and rosé. The tradition of the harvest is anchored in the Languedocian soil, transmitted by generations of competent winegrowers and winegrowers. Passionate about their profession and deeply respectful of the land, these winegrowers have refined their know-how to produce the finest grapes for the creation of exquisite wines.

At the end of August, Languedoc vineyards are in excitement, because it is time to pick by hand the succulent varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are the cause of the masterpieces of French Bloom, alcohol -free sparkling wines. These grape varieties are deeply anchored and have found their place in the different types of soil in the region and in the Mediterranean climate, which allows them to prosper and confer unique flavors with wines.

The skillful hands of men and women unite to gently select the most ripe clusters. The harvest is a celebration of teamwork and a common passion: families and communities unite to harvest and perpetuate a tradition that pays homage to the earth and its generosity.

French Bloom : raise well-being and tasting art

While the grapes full of sun is carefully harvested, the magic of French Bloom begin. This visionary brand of non-alcoholic drinks captures the essence of the terroir and the wine heritage of the Languedoc region, offering lovers of well-being and wine enthusiasts an exquisite experience with each sip.

With its cuvées rosé and white, French Bloom carries well-being towards new heights. Gently developed according to biological and vegan practices, these alcohol -free sparkling wines redefine the concept of reflected awareness. Without alcohol but not without sophistication, they allow you to savor the richness of tradition while taking care of your well-being.

The tasting of alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom is an enchanting experience that will transport you to the enchanting vineyards of Languedoc. Each effervescent sip embodies the joy of living in the region and the expertise of the winegrowers who developed it. Whether you choose white, elegant and fruity, or rosé, lively and refreshing, each glass is a celebration of the generosity of nature and human creativity.

The cuvées French Bloom, summer in the bottle

While the month of August farewell and the month of September is slowly points to the horizon, the spirit of French Bloom Continue to prosper, enriching lives with his philosophy of tradition, well-being and joy.

Although the harvest show ends in August, the magic of French Bloom, she transcends the seasons. Whether it is a winter gathering, a spring picnic or a fall celebration, alcohol-free sparkling wines French Bloom are the perfect companions to taste the delights of summer throughout the year.

In the Languedoc region, the heritage of winemaking is intrinsically linked to the hands of qualified men and women who brought their know-how to the profession. French Bloom celebrates this heritage by promoting a progressive and inclusive environment which allows them to continue to shape the world of winemaking.


While the end of August brings with it the harvest in Languedoc, French Bloom testifies to the rich heritage of viticulture in the south of France. From the art of harvest to the know-how of the development of alcohol-free sparkling wines, this delicious brand embodies tradition, well-being and French life. So, whether you want to enjoy a summer moment or embark on a refined taste trip, French Bloom invites you to lift your glass and celebrate the pleasures of life, all with a light and sparkling touch. Cheers !