Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

January 2024

Taking a good resolution has never been so good

While the excitement of the end of year celebrations falls slowly, extend this festive period by trying at Dry January. With French Bloom, A. months without alcohol it is celebrated! Alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom invite you to reinvent every festive moment while making the month of January a period dedicated to your well -being and your personal balance.

The Dry January

By trying at Dry January, you will not only see a positive impact on your physical well-being, you can also see many benefits on your mental health. Start this new year in the best possible way: taking care of yourself! Reduce your alcohol consumption by opting for drinks belonging to the No/Low category, that is to say without alcohol and with less sugar.

French Bloom With its alcohol -free sparkling wines will allow you to keep the same level of taste pleasure as by drinking wine, champagne or other spirits, while discovering the benefits of alcohol drinks on your body and in particular on your skin. Alcohol is known to cause dehydration of the skin. By favoring alcohol -free sparkling wines like French Bloom, say hello to ever brighter skin and a brilliant complexion!

French Bloom reinvents conviviality

French Bloom Since its creation wishes to make each moment of conviviality real occasions to celebrate all together. The opening of alcohol -free sparkling bottles French Bloom is an invitation to inclusive and welcoming festivities. Turn off and share moments of joy and laugh with all your loved ones and friends!

A brilliant beauty, literally

One of the unknown assets of Dry January is the feeling of freshness it brings to your skin. Say goodbye to the dehydrating effects of alcohol and say hello to freshness. Radiant elixir, delicate notes of fruits French Bloom Dark on your palate, creating a balanced and pleasant experience. White and rosé are not content to tantalize your taste buds, they can also contribute to this enviable brightness. Wear a toast to the new vitality of your skin!

A lightness celebration

Take advantage of this month without alcohol to taste our two emblematic vintages French Bloom The white and the rosé made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Biological Visalcoolized wines at 0.0%. The freshness, lightness and refreshing character of French Bloom will transform your month of January into a revitalizing period. Continue to go out and party throughout the month of January without constantly worrying about the excesses that alcohol can cause. Cheers to an uncompromising celebration!

A toast with inclusiveness

French Bloom Bring a touch of sophistication and inclusion to each meeting, even during a break. Stretch glasses and share laughter without worrying about excesses. It is not a question of abstaining; It is a question of celebrating in a way that gives everyone the feeling of being included and encouraged.

A varied range of alcohol -free cocktails

Alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom Offer an infinity of possibilities to concoct delicious alcohol -free cocktails. Use French Bloom White to imagine effervescent cocktails or bring a fruity touch to your creations by adding a small amount of French Bloom The pink. Leave your imagination to impress your guests with original and innovative proposals that they will not be used to taste. 

The philosophy of French Bloom

What makes French Bloom The ideal choice for Dry January? It is not only the quality of effervescent wine without alcohol that it offers but above all the fact that it offers the possibility of gathering and uniting everyone around moments of sharing. The brand French Bloom was created in order to make every moment of celebration with family or friends are full of laughter and joy. Wear a toast to inclusive celebrations, where everyone, whatever their choices in terms of drink, can raise their glass and share festive moments!