Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

December 2023

Meeting with Thibaud Garde Chef Sommelier of the restaurant The City Hall of Crissier Trois stars in the Swiss Michelin Guide.

To meet the growing demand for customers who are now increasingly turning to alcohol -free options, the sommelier Thibaud Gardette has been offering effervescent without alcohol wines for a few months French Bloom. The two cuvées French Bloom French sparkling wines without alcohol and rosé are now offered as an alternative to the traditional wines agreement. The arrival of French Bloom In the restaurant three stars in the Michelin guide, the town hall of Crissier finally allows the sommelier chef to offer an alcohol -free effervescent wine at the height of the gastronomic menu imagined by chef Giovannini.

Meet Thibaud Gardette: Sommelier chef of the restaurant The City Hall of Crissier

Thibaud Gardette grew up in Burgundy and has undergone training in a hotel school in Dijon. After many experiences in gourmet restaurants such as the Lady of Aquitaine in Dijon, he was passionate about the world of sommellerie after a meeting with Professor Arnaud Chambost, MOF SOMMER 2000 when he is still alternating in the restaurant Star The terraces of Lyon. At that time his apprenticeship master was Gaëtan Bouvier the Sommelier chief elected best sommelier in France 2016 then MOF SOMMELIER 2023. He later joined the restaurant The town hall of Crissier as a sommelier to be promoted to sommelier chief In January 2023 alongside Charline Pichon.

French Bloom White and rosé: tasting notes

Chef Sommelier Thibaud Gardette greatly appreciated the balanced and complete aromatic profile of our alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom White and rosé. He particularly appreciates adviser to adviser the customer of the restaurant the town hall of Crissier to associate each put with French Bloom The white and the rosé he knows on his fingertips. 

French Bloom White is: “An alcohol -free sparkling wine that seduces from the first scent with a floral nose, revealing a primary bouquet of white flesh fruits. When tasting, the attack on the palate is frank and clear offering beautiful bitters, a generous and ample midfielder to finish on a beautiful liveliness that accentuates aromatic persistence ”.

French Bloom The rosé is distinguished: “From the first touch with an elegant nose imbued with delicate notes of red fruits. The experience in mouth begins with a clear, frank and rather lively attack. The bubble is perfectly balanced and awakens the taste buds preparing the palate for a subtle tasting to finish on beautiful bitters ”.

Perfect dishes and wines according to Thibaud Gardette

The sommelier Thibaud Gardette generally offers French Bloom White as an aperitif to start in all delicacy the gastronomic experience that the customers of the restaurant L'Hotel de Ville de Crissier are preparing to live.

Alcohol -free sparkling wine French Bloom The rosé is perfectly associated with the gourmet salad of blue lobster "César" crunchy lettuce marinated at the Marc du Lavaux offered on the à la carte of the establishment. Thibaud Gardette also advises to taste a flute of French Bloom The rosé to accompany the refreshing soup of peaches and figs, gourmet puck with pistachios and citrus zest.

An alcohol -free sensory gastronomic experience that proves that French -free outbreak wines without alcohol French Bloom can be savor without compromise.

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Discover the Pop French-Bloom at Bongénie de Lausanne until December 15, 2023.

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Attend an exclusive tasting on Thursday December 14 at the Bongénie de Genève from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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