Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

There is an ineffable charm to wear a toast at the important moments of life, a flute of sparkling in hand. Whether it is the jump that jumps, effervescent bubbles or shared joy of tingling, there is magic in these small rituals. Now, for those who have enjoyed our range, we reveal a creation that shines as strong as your festive moments - our Baby Bloom Box - a new tradition in the art of offering. Our last gift: the baby bloom box, a "little" pleasure in half-bottles, created for those who like to toast at the moments of life without the consequences of alcohol coming to tarnish the joy of the day before!

The sparkling wine French Bloom embodies celebration, elegance and joie de vivre. Unlike other alcohol -free alternatives, the excitement of our alcohol -free French sparkling French wine captures the spirit of the season like no other drink, making it the gift par excellence for special occasions as for intimate celebrations. For a gift to the host, sincere thanks or warm congratulations, the Baby Bloom box of French Bloom is the perfect note.

Good things come in small packages

Having perfected the art of celebration without consequences or compromises, we are delighted to reveal our baby Box box. Offering a duo of our varieties of French effervescent wines without alcohol the most sought after - white and rosé - in half -bottles, our baby box box is ideal for a gathering or to wear a toast with a friend/e.

Now, epicureans concerned about their health can revel in alcohol -free sparkling wines French Bloom And satisfy their desires for effervescence without compromising their well-being. Whether it is toast during special moments or simply enjoying a delicious refreshment, Erewhon stores are now the privileged destination so that your sparkling dreams become reality.

Elegance every sip

Our effervescent without alcohol, created in the picturesque south of France, offers all the sophistication and the pleasure of a traditional sparkling wine. Each sip of French Bloom is an ode to the rich heritage of French viticulture, beautifully balanced with the evolutionary tastes of today. There is a flavor profile that suits all palates; French Bloom Offers a unique bouquet and tasting notes that will delight experienced connoisseurs and new followers.

Twice as much pleasure

Why be content with only one when you can have two? Each of our brand new gift boxes of effervescent biological wine Baby Bloom Box contains two half-bottles of our most appreciated alcohol varieties, wrapped in perfection. Whether it is our white, lively and tangy, or our rosé, rich in minerals, our duo of half-bottles Baby Bloom is perfect for an intimate evening for two, or to wear a toast depending on The atmosphere of the occasion.

Personalized to perfection

For a gift that will be received with even more pleasure, each Baby Bloom box comes with your special touch: a customizable round part with your own relief message. With an elegant tender pink large pink ribbon that passes through a wooden ring, this customizable baby bloom box is made with the same concern of excellence that you have learned to appreciate in each bottle French Bloom. Whether you want to commemorate a birth, a birthday, a new job or simply say "I think of you", the customizable gift label adds additional attention.

Tasting notes

White, made from organic wine from French throve of thunderbolts, opens with minerality with pear accents, and constitutes the inimitable signature of the house French Bloom. Between acidity and depth, French Bloom White reveals in its heart dazzling floral flashes. His tropical notes are followed by an evolution of the Granny Smith apple, agreements of white flowers and citrus slightly spicy with a sparkling freshness.

The rosé skillfully oscillates between a complex minerality and the freshness of the petals of rose, red fruits and white peach to reveal in its heart a real floral bouquet with vibrant notes. A majestic explosion of rose petals meets the acidity of freshly picked red fruits, associated with white fishing notes. The accents of French -style wine from French Chardonnay get married with a touch of Pinot Noir, signature French Bloom, to enhance these lively and sparkling aromas.


2023 World Sparkling Awards

World’s Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Winner

The Baby Bloom Box offers much more than the duo of bottles it contains. You will offer memories to create together, a testimony to the idea that the stages of life deserve to be celebrated with fervor and finesse, whatever their magnitude.

Offer a duo of effervescent wines French Bloom, it is not only to offer a drink, it is to offer shared joy, a vow of prosperity and a toast to precious memories which remain to be created. With its rich history rooted in luxury and its universal attraction which transcends cultures and borders, our sparkling wine without alcohol enhances any event effortlessly. Whether it is to mark an important step, to express its gratitude or simply to spread the good humor, there is no more suitable gesture than the jump of a cap and the flicker of the bubbles which rise in a flute.

When you and the people who count the most to you start new trips, mark small triumphs or simply add a little shine to a serene evening, let French Bloom accompany you. Celebrate moments, important steps and daily joys with French Bloom. Here is a new era of joyful celebrations.


Discover our Baby Bloom Box, and our whole collection of effervescent French wines without alcohol, and sparkle every moment with French Bloom.