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Are you at the right place ?

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World Prize for Sparkling Wines

We have the honor to announce that French Bloom has been selected as the best sparkling without alcohol in the world during the 2023 World Sparkling Wine Awards.

The World Drinks Awards, presented each year by The Drinks Report, have become the benchmark for independent wines and spirits evaluation. French Bloom was elected by an independent panel of sector experts during a blind tasting and specific criteria: balance, complexity, appearance and general presentation.

Profits of our alcohol -free sparkling wines

100% natural and organic ingredients

We are grateful for the natural riches of the earth which allow us to cultivate our sparkling organic alcohol wines. In order to respect the generosity of this biodiversity, we work with the best organic vineyards in France and only vegan ingredients, found in the wild. Our alcohol -free organic collection is part of the greatest respect for the richness of the earth and the environment.

Without added sugar, sulfite, nor preservative

Without preservatives, sulfite or added sugar, in order to maintain the integrity of the aromas of natural ingredients and you help you feel at best.

Low in calories

Containing five times less calories than a glass of champagne and wine, sparkling wines without French alcohol Bloom allow to enjoy all these festive moments without compromising your well-being.

Suitable for pregnant women

Future mothers, celebrate as much as you wish the arrival of your baby! Our alcohol -free sparkling wines are suitable for all stages of your pregnancy. From the first weeks to the birth of your newborn, the French Bloom cuvées are suitable for your health and that of your child. The composition of our collection of sparkling wines is alcohol -free, organic, sulfit without preservatives and added sugar.


From harvesting of grapes to bottling, the process of making our alcohol -free sparkling wines scrupulously respects the principles and values ​​prescribed by Islam. A halal certification issued by a competent authority guarantees the conformity of the entire collection of organic sparkling wines without alcohol 0.0%.


Sensitive to the well-being of our animal friends, our alcohol-free sparkling wines are devoid of all subjects from animal exploitation. The natural and 100% organic ingredients present in our French Bloom cuvées are perfectly suited to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

French Bloom balance

Based on organic grapes from France, French Bloom replies the complexity of a French sparkling wine, all without alcohol. With its beautiful acidity and mineral freshness, after more than 70 adjustments, the French Bloom balance is perfect. All the refined pleasure of the fine bubbles, without side effects.

An exceptional bottle for a singular experience

In order to preserve all the integrity of its flavors, our alcohol -free and organic cuvées are sealed in real glass writings with an exceptional design. The unique curves of the bottle are both breaking with the universe of champagne and wines while drawing inspiration from this ancestral know-how. With a longer collar and a wider than use, the creative choice of French Bloom is a desire for innovation that goes hand in hand with a new vision of celebration.


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